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Power2Speak, the podcast with Janine Coombes

November 1, 2021

Janine Coombes is a marketing and advertising specialist with the self-titled job description of Chief Offer Creation Genius. She works with service-based businesses to turn their lukewarm offers into sizzling hot must-haves. Janine is known on social media for her colourful, humorous and unashamedly positive videos and posts. She tells me how some misogynistic feedback to a colleague led to her dressing up in twin set and pearls for her first tongue in cheek video. However, despite the fun and frivolity, there are many words of wisdom from Janine as we discuss ‘wants’ vs ‘needs’, finding your brand voice and clarity in what you are selling. Enjoy!

If you'd like to connect with Janine go to https://janinecoombes.co.uk or connect with her on Linkedin. 

If you would like to hear her talk LIVE, either virtually or in-person then check out Atomicon 2021, where she'll be one of the speakers on 9 November.

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