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Power2Speak, The Podcast, Johnny Ball

November 15, 2021

Johnny is the host of Speaking Influence, the podcast about the psychology and application of influence and persuasion in life and business. Speaking Influence sits within the podcast global top 10 and so for me this was a fabulous opportunity to find out the some of the secrets of podcast success from a master. Johnny is not just a very successful podcast host, he's also a persuasive presentations coach, a professional speaker on topics like podcasting for thought leadership and ethical persuasion, and an online coach and course creator. Our conversation covered an array of topics. From monetising your podcast, using your influence and rhetoric for good (or evil?), the joys of being 1st class cabin crew and of course, stoic philosophy :)) A fascinating mix. Enjoy...

Contact Johnny at https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnaball/?originalSubdomain=es

Or check out his website, https://presentinfluence.com


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