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Power2Speak, the podcast, Gerry Clarke

Power2Speak, the podcast, Gerry Clarke

December 13, 2021

My podcast guest this week is the amazing, Gerry Clarke.

Gerry is an International communications consultant and has produced over 350 films!

He's an entrepreneur, educator and co-founder of the World Happiness project and Global Happy Cafe.

A qualified botanist, Gerry has climbed Kilimanjaro, crossed North America on a Greyhound bus and designed a mobile unit to help the King of Swaziland communicate with his people.

Gerry's mission now is to create a global television series or stream about happiness and wellbeing.

I could have talked to Gerry for a week about his amazing career, life and loves, but had to be satisfied with just 50 minutes! There will be a sequel! Enjoy...

Find out more about The World Happiness Project here: https://www.world-happiness-project.com/

Connect with Gerry here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerry-clarke-b974a513/?originalSubdomain=uk

P2S and YATM podcast, guest Gordon Fong

P2S and YATM podcast, guest Gordon Fong

December 5, 2021

My guest is local businessman and Southbourne legend, Gordon Fong.

Apologies in advance for the sound quality and background noise. WE recorded huddled in a corner of the downstairs bar having been evacuated after a power cut from our original venue and following Gordons presentation at the You Are The Media Christmas extravaganza. We chatted whilst everyone else was enjoying the ‘after show’ festivities. Hopefully it won't distract too much from my fabulous conversation with Gordon.

We discussed, amongst other things, finding your tribe and the importance of community in business and at home. Gordon also talked about the confidence the YATM community has given him to step from the back of the room to the front and how international speaker and author, Mark Schaffer, inspired him to be Gordon Fong!

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