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Power2Speak, the podcast, Jon Burkhart

Power2Speak, the podcast, Jon Burkhart

October 18, 2021

Jon Burkhart is an award-winning keynote speaker and regular at South By Southwest Interactive, as well as a performer, educator, marketer and fire cracking firebrand!

He is co-author of the marketing book Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising and founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global Ltd. He inspires his audiences with interactive games and firecracker questions helping them create content that is constantly curious.

In my first in-person podcast recording Jon and I discuss Newsjacking, Deathjacking, phubbing, imposter syndrome and Tinder! There is never a dull moment. Enjoy!

Connect with Jon here https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonburkhart/

Listen to Andrew Thorp and the Leaning Forward podcast here https://leaningforward.buzzsprout.com


Power2Speak, the podcast with guest Lois Cliff

Power2Speak, the podcast with guest Lois Cliff

October 4, 2021

Lois is the founder of Bee Loud Words and delivers workshops for kids on how to live well, be healthy and happy. She describes herself as a bouncy Tigger! You'll find out why when you listen, but maybe that should be 'bounce back Tigger! Lois has been on quite a journey in her life. As a child, she bounced from vicarage to vicarage with her family before becoming an Engish teacher eventually head of the department. She married a headmaster and had two sons. However, at the age of 49 and for the sake of her mental health she knew things had to change, she divorced and started the business. Her aim is to pass on to as many young people as possible the life hacks she's learnt along the way, to improve their resilience, mental health and playfulness. I also learn how being a Vicars daughter is great for business networking (who knew?) and how we all have transferrable skills we can bring from one career to the next, no matter how different those careers may be. Plus, I learn how you can make literature come to life by using a cracking German accent! Enjoy!

You can check out Lois's website at https://beeloudwords.co.uk

or connect with her on Linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/loisatbeeloud/

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