Power To Speak -The Podcast
Power2Speak-The Podcast, Tracey Howes

Power2Speak-The Podcast, Tracey Howes

September 20, 2021

And breathe... Tracey Howes is a functional breathwork instructor. That is, she teaches people how to breathe! See, you thought you knew how to do that but it turns out there is SO much more to it. More, even than I thought I knew, and breathing exercises are fundamental to what I do in my work. In our absolutely fascinating conversation, Tracey explains the life-enhancing benefits of breathwork, her love of freediving and how when she had just launched a social media training business she was compelled to follow her heart and start her breathwork business. She is an eternal water baby and serial entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Arrange a call with Tracey - https://bluemindsocial.as.me/DiscoveryCall

Or connect with her on social media -

https://oxygenadvantage.com/instructor/tracey-howes/ https://www.instagram.com/traceymayhowes/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/traceyhowes/

P2S - The Podcast with guest Mark Masters.

P2S - The Podcast with guest Mark Masters.

September 6, 2021

In this episode I talk to the founder of You Are The Media, author of The Content Revolution and all-around marketing legend, Mark Masters.

With You Are the media, Mark has built a valuable b2b networking and learning community. In lockdown the community transferred online and is now connecting with people from all over the world. Inviting exciting and inspirational speakers to join in the fun and share their wisdom. 

Now as we emerge, ever the showman, Mark is pioneering a hybrid version of the event enabling both an in-person and on-screen audience to be educated and entertained!

In our conversation, Mark tells me why you should build your space before you need it, why it pays to give stuff away for free (except cupcakes!) and what made him do stand-up comedy. 


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