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Atticus Arts Creative Conversation, Annie Jeffery

Atticus Arts Creative Conversation, Annie Jeffery

October 19, 2020

In the second of this series of podcasts Jacqueline Goddard is in conversation with Annie Jeffery, chair of trustees and founder of art therapy charity, hArt.  A fascinating discussion with a facsinating artist and philanthropist.
We discuss the therapeutic value in hitting a piece of stone with a hammer, Grayson Perry in lockdown and the benefits of non judgemental art therapy for our mental health and well being.

Atticus Arts creative conversation #1

Atticus Arts creative conversation #1

October 9, 2020
What is your definition of creativity?
Can you be creative in business?
How do you transition from theatre to interior design?
My guest, Samantha F. Crockett Crockett of Harris Jackson' has all of the answers. We had a fabulous and fun discussion covering all of the above, plus lockdown madness and home schooling.
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