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PR Warrior, Trevor Young tells me how to communicate effectively with your content.

PR Warrior, Trevor Young tells me how to communicate effectively with your content.

August 1, 2022

Trevor Young is a Strategist, Consultant and a Content Marketing & Communications coach. He's also an Author & Speaker, a Content Creator & Social Broadcaster.

He provides "up-to-the-minute communications strategies and astute guidance for forward-thinking individuals and businesses wanting to grow their influence and create more impact in the marketplace."

If you make content to promote your business you NEED to listen to my conversation with Trevor.

A 'country kid' from Australia and son of a bank manager, Trevor grew up in a bank next door to the local newspaper offices. He went to sleep to the sound of the printing press. No surprise then that he became a journalist before moving into the world of social media and content marketing.

He’s been blogging since 2007 and has written 2 books, Micro Domination and Content Marketing for PR. He's also a personal brand mentor and guide (he's known as the PR Warrior), speaker, educator and content creator.

We talk about his growing up in Warracknabeal (yes, that's a real place!), his initial fear of public speaking (he did his first 50 talks for nothing), his love of writing, the benefit (and pitfalls) of self-publishing and how writing a book has opened doors to other opportunities.

On creating content, he says we should 'nail our colours to the mast!' What is it we want to be known for? We are our own media companies and should pick one platform, master it, and then move on to the next. He has some great advice on how to earn your audience and 'cut through the noise.'

And apart from all of the above we just about had time to discuss when’s a good time to write the great Australian crime novel and his time on legendary Aussie soap, Neighbours!!

Seriously, there were SO many takeaways, from our conversation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you want to find out more about Trevor visit trevoryoung.me at: https://trevoryoung.me/category/reputation-revolution-podcast/

To find out more about Jackie Goddard and how Power To Speak can make you excited about sharing your message with an audience visit powertospeak.co.uk at: https://www.powertospeak.co.uk

How limiting-beliefs can hinder personal growth | Communication is more effective when done ’naked’!

How limiting-beliefs can hinder personal growth | Communication is more effective when done ’naked’!

July 18, 2022

Caleb Nelson describes himself as Your Concierge to Happiness, Functional Spokesperson and Image Consultant. What does that mean? Well, put simply he has dedicated his life to inspiring others to live life to their fullest potential. His company (and podcast of the same name) Naked Sunday is the pursuit of all aspects of personal growth. Exploring all topics, ranging from health, love, spirituality, wealth, discovering your purpose, and beyond. He works with leaders and business owners to eliminate obstacles and shed self-limiting beliefs. He believes we need more great leaders in the world and helps the cause by facilitating the change. With Naked Sunday he hopes to ‘hold space for people to be truly honest and authentic, cultivate a greater connection within themselves and their relationships, and ultimately live a happy and fulfilling life.’ During our fascinating conversation, we discuss how he does this, of course, but he also tells me how the pursuit for his own ‘nexus of happiness’ developed out of a childhood spent as part of the religious cult known as the ‘Moonies’ and how the prospect of an arranged marriage (like his parents) and lack of autonomy left him feeling like an outsider, with the need to give and receive unconditional love.

Check out the Naked Sunday podcast here.


How a storytelling mindset coach can improve your thinking and improve your performance.

How a storytelling mindset coach can improve your thinking and improve your performance.

July 4, 2022

As an Executive and Business Performance Coach, Al has worked with 1000s of people around the world, helping them to achieve remarkable success, through infinite pie thinking.

His mantra is ‘Improve your thinking, improve your performance.’ He has over 30 years of business experience and is passionate about personal development and performance improvement.

He also hosts the @infinitepiethinking podcast. Where he talks with remarkable people from the business, sports and entertainment industries, sharing with his audience their stories and perspective on success and failure.

As well as a coach and storyteller he is Co-Founder of Infinite Pie Ltd & Gift of Story, a new initiative giving people the opportunity to gift their story to loved ones.

And as if that’s not enough he is a father to three girls which he and his wife home-schooled. Al shares how he has used some of his own experiences and lessons learned to guide them.

We talk about his growing up in Australia and how a love of storytelling has shaped his career.

Check out the Infinite Pie website: https://www.infinitepie.co.uk

Follow Al on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/al-fawcett-12014b14/

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Why you don’t need a script with Mental Theft author, magician and speaker, Paul Newton.

Why you don’t need a script with Mental Theft author, magician and speaker, Paul Newton.

June 16, 2022

Today’s guest is author of Mental Theft, Paul Newton. Magician, mind reader, and former actor Paul, after a brush with the military, now talks about cyber security and cybercrime. As a much sort after keynote speaker, he scares the bejesus out of his audience’s telling them,

 ‘You may have the best security systems in place, but I can hack the people in your organisation!
It’s not all about high tech, it’s about people.
They’re either the weakest link or your strongest defence.’ 😱

A family man and a people person, based in the New Forest, Hampshire, he started magic at the age of 7 having been given a Paul Daniels magic set. Paul’s career has been a mix of theatre and corporate making for a very interesting conversation.

There are some great presentation and speaker tips in there too. Like how you can step out from behind a script and why we have a fear of the unknown rather than a fear of speaking. It’s insightful and entertaining stuff.

If you want to find out more about Paul check out the websites: https://www.paul-newton.co.uk


And book tickets to see him live in aid of the Minstead Trust at Hangar Farm:


For Paul's podcast Newton's Nuggets: https://www.newtonsnuggets.com

If you want any help with your talk or presentation you can contact me at https://www.powertospeak.co.uk

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Power2Speak, the podcast with Kallum Nicholson

Power2Speak, the podcast with Kallum Nicholson

May 3, 2022

My guest this week is Growth Strategist, Kallum Nicholson.

Kallum (with a K) introduces himself as ‘the unconventional business coach that puts a foot up your ass and wears you like slippers.’

Kallum helps SMEs and larger corporations grow to the next level. 

And if that wasn’t enough, he is a SUPER networker hosting both his own and others. He’s also a magazine editor, keynote speaker, business show host and school governor. 

And all this at the tender age of 26!

But as you will hear in our conversation Kallum has been an entrepreneur since he was at school. That is the school he is now a governor at, by the way.

Amongst many other things, Kallum tells me the best thing you can do for yourself, and your business is to learn the art of public speaking - and unsurprisingly I couldn't agree more!

Connect with Kallum on Linkedin or go to his website https://kwakademy.com

Power2Speak, the podcast with Jason Miller

Power2Speak, the podcast with Jason Miller

April 19, 2022

My guest is self-confessed Creativity Evangelist, metal kid and Clash super fan, Jason Miller.
He was the Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn and Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy at Marketo and Microsoft and is currently, the Marketing Director at CreativeX,  

He is the best selling author of Welcome to the Funnel and runs RockNRollCocktail.com.

Jason is a global content marketing leader by day and a rock ‘n’ roll photographer by night.
Starting out as an artist development rep at Sony Music, he became friends with some of the world's biggest bands.
After his first disastrous photo shoot, he vowed to master the camera and is now a legit photographer!!

I first met Jason at an online You Are The Media lunch club where he is often called on to share his extensive content marketing knowledge with the crowd. However, it was Jason's interest in the subject of creativity that struck a chord with me.

In our fun and fascinating conversation, Jason and I discuss how a heavy metal kid became the senior content marketing manager at Linkedin. Plus, Intelligent risk, photography, music and of course creativity and improvisation.

Connect with Jason on LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jsnmiller/

Or on Instagram and Twitter @JasonMillerCA

Power2Speak, the podcast with Yellow Tuxedo

Power2Speak, the podcast with Yellow Tuxedo

April 4, 2022

Digital visibility specialists and founders of Yellow Tuxedo, Emily & Alan Braithwaite, a husband-and-wife team who run their successful business from home and around their 3 young kids.

They are on a mission to make growing a business online simple for as many people as possible. Emily and Alan are all about personal brand, and they are what they teach. This is a fabulous conversation that covers everything from creativity, work-life balance and deciding what you DON'T want.

Oh, and a world record involving loo roll holders!!

Find out more about Yellow Tuxedo and digital visibility here: https://www.yellowtuxedo.co.uk And register for The Digital Circus Live at https://hopin.com/events/the-digital-circus-live-2022/registration

Power2Speak, the podcast, Christophe Stourton

Power2Speak, the podcast, Christophe Stourton

March 21, 2022

‘What I've learned is that when you have a clear vision of what kind of company you want to be and the value it offers; the confidence to market it, defend it and sell it, follows.’

This is a quote from MY business coach and guest, Christophe Stourton, and I couldn’t agree more. Christophe, founder of DEADLINOLOGY®, is a big believer in small creative businesses and aims his coaching specifically at ‘micro-businesses (i.e., those with 10 people or less). He gives them 'commercial confidence', which he's very good at. I know because that’s what he has done for me.

Having worked in event creation and dabbled in the film industry, he has a creative background himself and says he became a business coach to ‘witness creative people build businesses they can bank on.’

No surprise then that our conversation covers creativity and how to value and use it in your business.

Connect with Christophe here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christophestourton/ or visit his website: https://www.deadlinology.com

Power2Speak, the podcast, Joan Hodges. Part 2

Power2Speak, the podcast, Joan Hodges. Part 2

March 14, 2022

Welcome to the 2nd half of my fabulous conversation with Joan Hodges, actor, and wife of the late and legendary Chas Hodges - the Chas half of Chas and Dave.

In this half, I find out what happened when 'Dave came along'. Also, we discuss her acting career and appearances in TV classics like Only Fools and Horses, It’s A Sin and Eastenders.  Enjoy...

Watch the whole conversation on YouTube https://youtu.be/tsI5nF8TOAY

Follow Joan on Twitter https://twitter.com/joanhodges66

Check out her website www.joanhodges.com

You can find Joan's 17 February 2022 episode on BBC Iplayer.


Power2Speak, the podcast, guest Joan Hodge. Part 1

Power2Speak, the podcast, guest Joan Hodge. Part 1

March 7, 2022

My podcast guest this week is Joan Hodges, actor, and wife of the late and legendary Chas Hodges - the Chas half of Chas and Dave.

Joan’s acting career started aged 40 once her 3 children had all grown up. She’s appeared on stage and in TV classics like The Bill, London’s Burning and Only Fools and Horses, and more recently in It’s A Sin and Eastenders, proving that it’s never too late to follow your dream.

In this the first half of our fascinating conversation we discuss her time as one of the original 6 UK Playboy Bunny girls, an exciting and glamorous job, which in 1966 saw her working in America and mixing with the A-listers of the day, the Me-Too movement, and life with a rock and roll star.

You can catch up with Joan's appearance in the 17 February 2022, episode of Eastenders on BBC IPlayer.


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